Companions at The End of Life
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Do you need support to face death?

What Is Soul Care?

Soul Care is about caring for the spiritual needs of people towards the end of life. Soul Carers work alongside family members and close friends, medical and palliative professionals, religious carers and others, supporting those dying by attending to the important dimension of spiritual care.

We provide support and companionship in various ways, and always at the request
of the person, we are serving.  Soul Carers offer a range of gentle therapies to soothe and reassure and are skilled advocates and advisors. They are non-denominational in their pastoral support, encouraging deep conversation, with love and dignity. Their work may begin from point of diagnosis and continue until the final day of life, with encouragement and support for living life fully, until the end.

Soul Carers are helping to transform the personal and collective experiences of dying and living within the community, by helping anyone facing the end of life to experience a tender, peaceful and conscious death.